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Clint Nitkiewicz Hernandez

Visual Effects Supervisor

Hello, I am a Los Angeles based, born and raised, Visual Effects Supervisor for film and television. I strive to create cutting edge, photo realistic visual effects for medium to large scale productions. I have over 10 years of experience as a VFX artist working on shots, and managing teams of hundreds of artists at a time to ensure delivery of stunning vfx on time, and within budget.

View my VFX Reel

Reel of our latest Visual Effects work

Here is some of the latest work my team and I have created under my VFX Supervision.

And a Reel of my Own Visual Effects work as an Artist

Here is some of the latest work I created on my own, everything in this reel was done by me.



I ensure realisic looking computer generated images (CGI), when not possible to film in the real world.

Let's sit down to discuss your film in detail and how to make it the best possible, within time and budget.

Communication is key

Let's brainstorm, and storyboard, create an animatic of your idea as a first step.

Photo Realism is key

Anything I help to create is photo real, meaning, it blends into the actual footage, as if really shot on set. Or if it's a full cgi shot, it looks as if it was simply filmed, no one will ever know it's a CGI shot, that's the goal. If it looks like a really good video game, that's not good enough for me, I make sure all the VFX I create is 100% real looking.

A pool of the best artists in the world

I maintain a relationship with the best visual effects artists in the world. Specialist are needed in each area to ensure photo realism. One guy simply can't do it alone, I form the perfect team depending on the challenges faced. Only the experience I have can help judge who/when/what/where/ for VFX, giving you the biggest bang and big blockbuster look for your buck.

Client Review

Clients review the VFX through their choice, or a combination of all. Online review using shotgun, see this video. Once a web review is approved, we'll send to your editor a higher res file for final approvals.




A Seamless Workflow

A Seamless Workflow

With today's technology, we are able to make the VFX process as seamless as possible, letting everyone to worry about the creative aspects of the process.




VFX Wiki

VFX Wiki

Let me try to cram in as much info about VFX as I can in a page or two, in case you want to learn more about the process, or random fun facts.

Q: Should I shoot green screen or rotoscope?

A: Rotoscope always has a better result, sure shoot green screen, it will help, but we will still need to rotoscope to ensure 100% quality.

Q: What do I need to provide, as a producer or director, to ensure a smooth VFX workflow?

A: Same as you would provide to your online editor, which is an EDL of each reel, ref quicktime of each reel, we'll output our own high res plates using your original Alexa or Red footage.

More to come!



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